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The Wave Cabinet Beautifully Mimics a Paper Fan


This is the Wave Cabinet, and it was designed by Sebastian ErraZuriz as a revisualization of the domestic objects that surround us daily.  Each wood slat pulls along the following just like a paper fan.  The new creation is a part of his functional sculpture series, but hopefully one day we’ll see this as a actual cabinet you can purchase.  Check it out:


Mad trippy, son.


Take a look at some stills of the mesmerizing cabinet:


c-wave-wood-cabinet-1 c-wave-wood-cabinet-2 c-wave-wood-cabinet-3 c-wave-wood-cabinet-5 c-wave-wood-cabinet-7 c-wave-wood-cabinet-8

Dope Chairs that Look Like Mountains and Waterfalls


Designer, Gaetano Pesce, is the brains behind this collection called Montanara.  The collection features graphics that includes various forms of Mother Nature.  Prints include mountains, lakes, waterfalls and trees.  So dope.

GaetanoPesce-1-640x412 GaetanoPesce-3-640x515 GaetanoPesce-5-640x486 GaetanoPesce-6-640x552 GaetanoPesce-7-640x274

How about a mother nature gallery while you’re here? Peep it:


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Up Balloon Coffee Table 2015 Round Edition

Master illusionist, Christopher Duffy, is the one responsible for this amazingly dope coffee table made up of balloons holding a sheet of glass.  The table is made from toughened glass, metal resin composite, and toughened steel rods.  This limited edition table is available in red, gold, silver, or mixed, and only 25 units will be available.  You can head here to purchase.
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Handmade PlayStation Controller Coffee Table is a Gamer’s Perfect Accessory

If you’re into gaming, this is the table for you.  The handmade coffee table is identical to an actual PlayStation controller.  It honestly looks so cool, you might be into even if you don’t play many video games.  It’s available at the Etsy store, WoodCurve, for $3000.  Buy it here.
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