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Oregon Ducks Reveal BCS National Championship Uniforms

Its my belief that if you look cool and feel cool while playing a sport than you will be better at that sport. It is also my belief that if you look cooler than your opponent you will feel superior to them as well. This must be why Oregon is best team in college football and headed to the BCS National Championship game against Auburn this year. They easily have the dopest uniforms in college football so you know there has been a lot of hype surrounding the jersey’s they’ll be wearing during the National Championship game. And after a lot of anticipation Nike has finally revealed the uniforms Oregon will be wearing during the game and I must say that I feel sorry for Auburn. They got brand new everything. Fresh from head to toe. Auburn on the other hand got some special cleats from Under Armour…. Continue reading Oregon Ducks Reveal BCS National Championship Uniforms

Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger – The Scoop + 34 Pics

Brett Favre is so f*cked. Here’s the skinny: Brett Favre (gramps) used to play for the Jets. This floozy named Jenn Sterger worked for the Jets as an in-house sideline reporter while Brett was there. Brett saw something that he wanted, saw Tiger getting some young-love around the same time, and just couldn’t help himself. So, here’s what Brett did. First, he set up a phony MySpace account and sent her the following messages:

Then he dropped his cell digits:

Then he tries to use an intermediary to get in touch with her.

So around this same time, Jenn Sterger said some dude (who may have worked for the Jets or directly for Favre) approached her asking for her number. Whether it was through this intermediary or not, Brett ended up with Jenn’s number. Once he got her number, it was all down-hill from there for number 4.

He left 2 voicemails (which you can clearly tell are Brett) on Sterger’s phone. The voicemails invite Jenn-Jenn to hang out late-night.

Then… well then Brett F’d up real bad. He sent her 3 pics of his dick. Apparently he was wearing some Crocs in the pics. What was he thinking!? (…wearing Crocs I mean). If you’d really like to see pics of gramps’ donger, you can view them at the end of this video. The video also contains his 2 voicemails, so you should still watch it.

Apparently, the dick shots are confirmed due to the watch that is depicted in the photos:

Source: deadspin

Here are some pics of Jenn Sterger for your viewing pleasure.

Hard Knocks: Jetsettin’

We’re not about to rep the Jets, though their ridiculously, unforeseeably stacked roster is the reason why I cancelled my then-current Madden 11′ Franchise and started anew with the Namath Crew. Even with Darrelle Revis holding out for $2.3 Billion/year, they’re still that good. We will however rep the hottest series out right now, as it is has been this time of year since its inception, Hard Knocks. Not a Jetty? Neither are we, but you’d have to be one nihilistic son-of-a-bitch to not enjoy this shit. If you’d asked me last year, I’d have rather rolled Rex Ryan’s soggy ass down a thorny gorge than spend any time watching a show that revolves around him. His defense, namely Revis, came very close to dethroning my Champion Fantasy Status last year….but new light has been shed. Peep it for yourself on HBO on demand, episode II (which’ll be a duezy of a NYG face off, cage-travolta style) is due out on Wednesday. Smoke too much weed? Can’t pay your HBO bill, no worries…peep it in HD here