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This is how McDonald’s ads are made

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun Never Looked So Delicious.

Ever wonder how McDonald’s makes a Big Mac look so mouth-watering in their advertisements?  It’s a long process that requires a whole team of chefs, photographers, and food stylists dedicated to making the food look as pretty as possible.  Take a look at the GIF below showing how graphic designer Lucas Rosa create’s a McDonalds digital ad step by step.  It’s amazing to see how much editing is involved in creating such a simple advertisement.

Also, check out this video which gives you a behind the scenes look at a McDonald’s photo shoot.

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OMG what have they done? Burger King introduces “Mac and Cheetos” menu item

Seriously, Burger King…  What are you guys doing?  First, it was chicken fries, then it was hot dogs, now it’s “Mac and Cheetos.”  How about you try to focus on just making some bomb burgers?  I’m available for freelance consulting if you need me.

Anyways, this is actually going to be a new menu item from the fast food chain.  Mac and Cheetos are basically just mozzarella sticks with a twist.  They’ll be available sometime soon for $2.49 a 5-pack.

mac-and-cheetos-2 mac-and-cheetos-3 mac-and-cheetos-4

Burger King puts a spa inside one of their Finland locations

390514 02: The Burger King logo and sign sit atop a Burger King restaurant June 12, 2001 in Federal Heights, Colorado. The fast-food chain Burger King Corp. has announced it will replace the netting at children''s play areas at its restaurants following the death of a four-year-old boy who died after becoming entangled in the netting at a Burger King restaurant in St. Louis. (Photo by Michael Smith/Getty Images)

Yeah, this is real.  Burger King put a spa inside of a location they have in Finland.  Because what goes better with a whopper than a nice sweat?  The spa opened up in their Helsinki location and includes 15 seats in the sauna, a 48″ TV, a media lounge complete with a 55″ TV and PlayStation 4, and a shower room.

Seems crazy to me, but if I ever find myself in Finland, I’m going to have to check it out.  Take a closer look at the space:

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McDonald’s is Testing a Southern Fried Chicken McGriddle

Chicken and waffles?  Pssh, how about chicken and pancakes?  That’s essentially what the new McGriddle combines.  Rather than their traditional options of sausage or bacon on the McGriddle, McDonald’s is testing out a chicken version of the popular breakfast sandwich.

The sandwich is currently going through a testing phase in Ohio, but if all goes well it could hit the full-time menu in the near future *fingers crossed*.  They’re playing around with a price point of $1.49-$2.


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McDonald’s Japan Now Offers French Fries Covered in Chocolate


WHY?!?  International McDonald’s always get the best new menu items.  USA needs to get their ish together, jah feel?  These new fries feature a dark and white chocolate drizzle on the top of them, and I’m sure they taste amazing.  They’ll only be available until mid-February, so get ’em while they’re hot.

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Step Inside the Most Modern McDonald’s You’ve Ever Seen


Seriously, you have never seen a McDonald’s as fancy as this.  It looks like the coolest restaurant/coffee shop that you would hang out at in your town.  It’s not though.  It’s a McDonald’s.  That way you can feel like you’re eating healthy at a five-star restaurant, when really you’re just scarfing down a Big Mac.

Take a closer look:

mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_01a mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_02 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_03 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_04 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_05 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_06 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_07 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_08 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_09 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_10 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_12 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_14 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_17 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_18 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_19 mcdonalds-hongkong_211215_20

The restaurant was designed by Landini Associates.

All photography by Ross Honeysett.

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