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Crook & Castles X Lamar Odom – Bespoke Suits

Crooks & Castles is trying something new with these new Bespoke Suits that were made in collaboration with Takeout Enterprises and produced by Elevee. Back in the good ol’ days tailors would hang their prized fabrics throughout their shop and whenever a customer claimed their desired materials they were said to “be spoken for” hence the name “Bespoke.” Today Bespoke refers to the practice of being fitted for a suit that is being made specifically for your body and Lamar Odom was lucky enough to get a couple of these custom Crooks & Castles suits. Each offers impeccable detailing combining leather, suede and seersucker. Lamar’s collection is said to cost around $10,000 dollars, take a look at all the suits after the jump. Continue reading Crook & Castles X Lamar Odom – Bespoke Suits