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Van Styles Explores the Abandoned Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit

One of our favorite photographers, Van Styles, had the chance to shoot the abandoned Silverdome while on a recent trip in Detroit, MI.

The massive stadium first opened in 1975 and once served as the home for both the Detroit Lions and the Pistons (from 1978-88). The Silverdome even hosted major events like Wrestlemania and early round games for the 1994 FIFA World Games. But it was closed down and essentially abandoned after Ford Field opened.

Today it looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Take a closer look in the gallery:


Via The Hundreds

The Abandoned Pontiac Silverdome is a Depressing Sight

The Pontiac Silverdome has housed some incredibly large and historic events, but yet today it’s stands empty & unused. It’s unfortunate to see the road that Detroit has gone down lately, and hopefully they can get out of this rut. Abandoned architecture will always make for some cool photographs though.
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