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22 Amazing Desk Setups (…and how to make your own)

If you’re like most humans, you spend a lot of time in front of a computer.  Doesn’t it make sense, then, to maximize the dopeness that is your workspace? …to create a sanctuary of creativity, clarity, and inspiration?


The problem is that it can seem too tall o’ task to get one of those slick setups you see on Instagram.

Step 1: Get Inspired

The best ideas are stolen.  So figure out what you like by checking out all of these dope setups:

[usatsi-gallery title=”Amazing Desk and Office Setups” id=”Wc6nU4F2LEG9XTPzyjeHr7″ modal-direction=”right” modal=”true”]

I know what you’re thinking… “Eric, those are cool, but I’m not a freaking interior architectural designer person; I can’t just throw together some Pinterest-worthy workspace like a damn magician.”

I’m here to tell you: it’s really not that hard.  Here are just a few things to do to get you most of the way there:

Step 2: Clean Your Clutter

What do all 22 of those setups have in common?  There’s not trashy shit everywhere like there is on your desk.  So clean it already.  I’m not your mom, I shouldn’t have to tell you this.  By removing all the bullshit from your workspace, you’re going to have a decent setup by default.

Exhibit A: The only thing on this desk besides the computer(s) is a 12 dollar plant from the local grocery store. Yet, it looks super dope. Why? (Well, for one, the computers are very nice, but mainly because…) There’s not bullshit clutter everywhere!

Step 3: Go HELLA O.C.D. On It

Everything should be symmetrical or in line.  If I draw an imaginary line from the bottom edge of your keyboard that extends across horizontally… that shit better be perfectly parallel or perpendicular to everything else on your desk.

Effectively, everything should be in a grid.  Bonus points for symmetry.

Can't remove EVERYTHING from your desk and have a completely clutter-free environment. No problem, just line all your shit up, and it's gonna look sick.
If you can’t remove EVERYTHING from your desk and have a completely clutter-free environment… no problem, just line all your shit up, and it’s gonna look sick.

Step 4: Buy Some Desktop Speakers

Almost every one of these setups has a pair of nice speakers that frames the focal point that is the main monitor/display/screen.  The pair of speakers lends itself well to the aforementioned symmetry goal… and guess what: they’re really not that expensive.

Here are some of my faves:

Genius 3-way Hi-Fi Wood Speakers $60 on Amazon



Satechi Dual Sonic Conical v2.0 Computer Speakers – $30 on Amazon (available in black or white)


Kanto YU2 Powered Desktop Speakers. Kind of pricey at $179, but super dope. Bamboo, bro. C’mon.


Cyber Acoustics 30 Watt Powered Speakers with Subwoofer – $40 for everything


Deep Sonar 100 AC Powered 2.0 Speakers – Only 25 bucks!


Mackie CR Series CR3 – 3″ Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors – $100… but worth it for that slick Sneakhype Black n’ Green

Step 5: Purple LED Backlighting, bro

Don’t lie to yourself.  The dopest setups in that gallery were the ones that all had the purple backlighting.  Not sure why that’s a thing, but you should make it a thing for your thing.

awesome-workspace-desk-and-office-setups-21 awesome-workspace-desk-and-office-setups-20 awesome-workspace-desk-and-office-setups-9 awesome-workspace-desk-and-office-setups-2

OK, blue works too…


But, you know what they say:

If you ain’t backlit, you ain’t legit.

So get backlit with some super easy LED strips.  LESS THAN 20 DOLLARS!


Step 6: If you don’t have one already, you’ll need a big ass, dope display

Your budget and desktop real estate are going to dictate this purchase, so I don’t want to decide for you, but there’s this website called Amazon where you can buy anything for the lowest price available and it arrives at your house in 2 days for no charge.  You should check it out.  Here is their selection of computer monitors and external displays.

Somewhat of a limited selection though… this Amazon website only has 27,000 products in this category.

Here’s a 27-incher with great reviews for $199.


Last Step: Maybe get some plants or other decor to make the space “unique” or whatever

Here are thirty seven thousand fake plants to choose from.

Or just get these 4 for 28 bucks and call it good.



Got a dope setUp?  Inspired to build one?  We’d love to see it.  Send us your pics/nudes to submit@sneakhype.com. 😘

Take a Break at Work With the Nap Desk


This is the ultimate way to take a break at work.  The Nap Desk by Studio NL features an empty bunk on the inside of a nice, big work desk.  Need to cash in an extra 30 minutes of nappage during the day?  This is the best way to do it.  You will definitely be the envy of all your co-workers.

napping-desk-2 napping-desk-3

It takes an even bigger step up from this amazing accessory:


NextDesk Offers the Best Range of Standing Desks on the Market


With the countless medical studies recently that say sitting all day is absolutely terrible for your health (who woulda thunk it?), it’s no wonder that a surplus of standing desks have emerged on the market.  There are a ton of new products and brands out there, but NextDesk is a brand that offers the largest range of multi-functional standing desks out there.

A good portion of their desks actually switch from sitting to standing with a simple press of a button.  Take a look at it in action:

Other options include a purely standing desk called the Up, and another option that includes a treadmill called the Fit.  You can shop their whole range of desks right here.  Take a closer look at them below:

nextdesk-standing-desks-9 nextdesk-standing-desks-1 nextdesk-standing-desks-12 nextdesk-standing-desks-8 nextdesk-standing-desks-5 nextdesk-standing-desks-11 nextdesk-standing-desks-10 nextdesk-standing-desks-4 nextdesk-standing-desks-6 nextdesk-standing-desks-7 nextdesk-standing-desks-2

Be healthier with the TableAir Desk

Just so you guys are aware, sitting all day greatly increases your chances of heart complications.  Yes, I’m typing this as I’m sitting down.  Well, in comes TableAir.  It’s a desk that allows for the option to sit or stand.  It’s available in a variety of different finishes, and prices start at just over $2100 USD.  You can purchase yours here.
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Embrace Your Laziness with the Upside Down Bed Desk

Working from your bed is probably the laziest thing you can do, but sometimes it’s just so damn comfy.  To increase productivity while being lazy, there’s now a maneuverable desk that you can use in bed to help.  Best part?  It’s only a fraction of the cost of a real desk.  Buy it here for $128.
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