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28 Registered Sex Offenders that probably won’t offend you

ALL RIGHT PEOPLE, before anyone goes and gets their panties up in a tight little bunch, let me just state that: YES, I agree with the rest of humanity in saying that I, too, believe that sex offenders can be the most awful, reprehensible, violent, and amoral criminals on the planet.

That being said, keep in mind: one can be registered as a sex offender for crimes including: flashing your boobs in public, peeing in public, having consensual sex with a teenager (even if you were also underage at the time), or even taking naked selfies (source: businessinsider).

My guess is that you just now realized that you, too, could be a registered sex offender. I’ll admit it. I could be one. I flashed my manboobs in public like 3 weeks ago.

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The Crimes of Tony Soprano

The late James Gandolfini played tons of characters throughout his long career, but his most memorable role was that of Tony Soprano from HBO’s series The Sopranos. Although he was never convicted, Tony Soprano committed a number of felony worthy crimes during the shows 8-year run including murder, extortion, arson, and assault. To get a better idea of the crimes he committed you could go and watch all 8 seasons of The Sopranos, or you could just check out this infographic created by Instant Checkmate. It outlines all of Tony Soprano’s devious actions. Try to keep in mind that most of these people probably deserved what was coming to them. Continue reading The Crimes of Tony Soprano