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Real Mini Giraffe Farm

Shit no they’re not real, but I’m sure a handful of you fools thought they were until you got to the part where I said, “Shit no they’re not real.” But much props goes to DirecTV for their clever commercial campaign containing the opulent Russian ultra-baller and his panty-dropping petite giraffes.

The marketing company responsible for said commercials has taken the campaign a step further and solidified its dopeness and acceptance in progressive youth culture by holding the honor of gracing the homepage of SNEAKHYPE.com. What they have done is create a fictitious Russian mini-giraffe farm, and given it a website of its own, in an attempt to create a viral sensation. A job well-done indeed, as you may recall seeing a photo from their site land in Tuesday’s Dopeness yesterday.

If I were a scientist, or had enough money to pay one, I would be genetically engineering the shit out of some giraffes right now.