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The First Commercial for the Return of the Delorean Will Make You Want to Buy One

DeLorean Motor Company is not playing any games when it comes to the return of their iconic automobile.  Seriously, I wanted one before, but now?  I NEED ONE.  Word on the street is we’ll see the return of the DeLorean sometime in the early-goings of 2017.  Only 300 are said to be produced, so good luck getting behind the wheel of one.

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Steph Curry Once Starred in a Vintage Burger King Ad With His Dad

Long before Steph Curry would even be considered as an NBA draft prospect, he starred alongside his father in this Burger King commercial.  For those who don’t know, Dell Curry was once a NBA star, which is why the two were recruited to star in the ad.  From pitching burgers to dishing dimes, Steph Curry can do it all.

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Playboy Made a Weird Star Wars Sex Hotline Commercial and It’s Hilarious

The funny thing is that you know some people would definitely be into this.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose, just sayin’.  With the help of Sara Jean Underwood, Playboy made this commercial for a fictional Star Wars Sex Hotline where you can have phone sex with a semi-hot Yoda.

Want to know what Sara Jean looks like without the makeup?  Take a look:

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