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Sneakhype Winter Sale (40% Off)

Spring is a-coming, and to celebrate we’re having an End of Winter sale.  We want to give you a chance to get your hands on what’s left of our most recent collection at an extremely discounted rate.  Don’t miss out and end up empty-handed.

Use discount code “springintodeeznuts” when checking out to get 40% off your order.


Spring means baseball is near, and the Royals will have a chance to defend the crown.  Represent with this Royal Baseball Raglan (Buy it here):


Warm weather means cold beers will taste even better than before.  Better invest in some new pint glasses (Buy a pair here):


And to keep those beers cool, a coozie will do just fine (Buy it here):


There is even more available in the Sneakhype Store.  Shop everything right here.

Get a preview below:

[sigallery id=”rZU9rbubB5VymCBtMe2hMn” title=”Sneakhype End of Winter Sale” type=”sigallery”]

Visit the Sneakhype Store right here, and use “springintodeeznuts” at checkout to save 40%