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Check Out Coca-Cola’s New Office Space in Paris

Coca-Cola just recently moved their Paris office to this 72K square feet space in the Issy-Ies-Molineaux district in Seine.  The space features depolluting plants, beehives on the roof, and a light fixture made from 13,000 recycled coke bottles.  Red and white color patterns flow throughout the entire building, paying tribute to the brand’s iconic branding.

Take a closer look:

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Photography by Florian Fromentin

Take a Look At Coca-Cola’s New UK Headquarters

Coca-Cola continues to make headlines with the unveiling of their new headquarters in London. The stunningoffices were designed by architect Linda Morey-Smith. The Coca-Cola brand is apparent throughout the space. Vintage machines, neon signs, glass bottle lamps, and hand-painted adscan be found almost everywhere you look. The workspacealso features tons of creative and communal space that has become commonplace in modern offices. Employees also have access to as much Coca-Cola as they can drink. Take a closer look below. Continue reading Take a Look At Coca-Cola’s New UK Headquarters

Coca-Cola Introduces New Product: Coca-Cola Life

Coca Cola has launched a new product, Coca-Cola Life, as a healthier alternative to regular coke products. Coca-Cola Life is sweetened with sugar and Stevia, a calorie-free sugar substitute, and has less than half the calories of a traditional Coke. The new drink is packaged in the “PlantBottle”, which is a fully recyclable bottle made out of 30% plant materials. Lastly, Coca-Cola Life features a green label instead of the classic red you normally see on Coke products. As of right now, Coca-Cola Life is only available in Argentina, but hopefully we will see it in the States soon. Continue reading Coca-Cola Introduces New Product: Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola Introduces Bottle Made of Ice (Video)

Apparently Coca-Cola has developed a bottle made completely of ice. Not only are these bottles Eco-friendly but they keep your soda ice cold to the last drop. A small label is added to the bottles to keep your hands from getting to cold. When the bottle melts the label can be worn as a bracelet. The ice bottles were made as part ofCoca-Cola’s new Summer 2013 advertising campaign in Columbia. Hopefully these Ice Bottles will make their way stateside soon. Continue reading Coca-Cola Introduces Bottle Made of Ice (Video)