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Old Church in Spain Transformed Into a Skate Park with Amazing Graffiti


This old church has found new life in the form of a skatepark that was built by La Iglesia Skate.  Artist, Okuda, partnered with Red bull to add some additional work in the form of colorful graffiti throughout the space.  The bright, isometric works can be found on just about every inch of the interior.

Take a closer look at the park:

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Giant Abandoned Church in Indonesia is Shaped Like a Clucking Chicken


A supposed message from God inspired 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah to build this giant prayer house that was originally intended to resemble a dove.  The locals seemed to think it looked more like a chicken, thus naming it the “Chicken Church.”  The building was also used as a rehab center, treating disabled children, drug addicts, and others.

The “Chicken Church” was shut down about 15 years ago, but the abandoned building still attracts photographers and travelers by the boat load every year.  Take a closer look at the interesting piece of architecture:


You should also check out this aerial drone footage:

Loft Inside Victorian Westbourne Grove Church

This is an extremely dope pad. There’s just two things I’m not sure how I feel about. One, what’s up with the giant pink couch? Make that electric green, and problem solved. Two, I’m just not sure how I would feel living inside of an old church. I definitely would try to keep any illegal activity on the exterior of the home.
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