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KITH Opens NYC’s First-Ever Cereal Bar


Ronnie Fieg is no stranger to making waves in the footwear and menswear scene.  But his newest endeavor takes a step in a different direction – NYC’s first ever cereal bar.  Fieg recently reopened his KITH Brooklyn location that has been completely redesigned, and it now includes a cereal bar called KITH Treats.  24 different cereals, 25 different toppings, and 5 different milk options.  It’s a cereal lover’s breakfast haven.

You can customize your order however you may like, but they also have a menu with suggested combinations for optimal cereal pleasure.  If you’re ever in Brooklyn, KITH Treats opens at 7AM each day starting today.



Redesigned Kellogg’s “Special K” Cereal Packaging is from the future


Graphic designer, Mun Joo Jane, recently redesigned Kellogg’s “Special K” cereal with some grown-up packaging.  Since the cereal is geared more for adults, she wanted the design to mimic that in both of her concepts.

This first design concept was made specifically for the high-end users.  The lid can actually be used as a measuring device, so that you can actually follow the nutritional facts more closely.

special-k-packaging-redesign-2 special-k-packaging-redesign-3 special-k-packaging-redesign-4

The second design takes quite a minimal approach to the packaging.  It features the cereal in a traditional milk carton design, with a smaller carton containing fruit and yogurt to add to your cereal:

special-k-packaging-redesign-5 special-k-packaging-redesign-6 special-k-packaging-redesign-7 special-k-packaging-redesign-8

General Mills brings back French Toast Crunch

General Mills is bringing back a cereal that stores haven’t seen since 2006. It’s still been in production in Canada, but could be quite pricey to get your hands on. Well, the cereal is back and is at select retailers starting now, with nationwide distribution by the end of January 2015. It’s an exciting day in the cereal world, I know I can’t wait to get my hands on some. Read more about the release on General Mills’ blog.
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Breaking Breakfast: Walter White Jr. From Breaking Bad Takes A Blind Cereal Taste Test

If there is one thing RJ Mitte (aka Walter White Jr.) is familiar with, it’s breakfast. He spent roughly 90% of his time on Breaking Badconsuming eggs and bacon. But does heknow his breakfast cereals?Watch him take a blindfolded cereal tastetest to find out. Continue reading Breaking Breakfast: Walter White Jr. From Breaking Bad Takes A Blind Cereal Taste Test