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Casio releases new G-Shock “Blue Series”

Casio geared up for this year’s spring and summer seasons with a new “Blue Series” that features three watch models.  Our favorite from the bunch is the GA-110CB-1A.  The watch features shock resistance, a 200M water resistance, daily alarms, stopwatch, and more.

You can buy the watch here for $120.  Take a closer look at the watch:

casio-g-shock-1 casio-g-shock-2 casio-g-shock-4 casio-g-shock-5 casio-g-shock-6 casio-g-shock-7 casio-g-shock-8

Casio G-Shock Shows Off Watches Inspired by the Northern Lights


Casio is getting ready to release a mini-collection this month that is inspired by Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights.  The collection features 3 models that sport mesmerizing color schemes that really pop.  Unlike some of their other watches that are surf-ready models, these 3 are meant for winter sports.  Take a closer look at the watches:

GLS-8900AR-3-700x467 GLS-8900AR-2-700x467 GLS-8900AR-1-700x467 casio-g-shock-g-lide-aurora-series-03-570x513 casio-g-shock-g-lide-aurora-series-02-570x513 casio-g-shock-g-lide-aurora-series-01-570x513


Casio G-Shock Premiers New Metal & Resin Watches

G-Shock watches typically utilize rubber in the majority of their watches, but they have now decided to experiment with metal & resin as well. Their new Metal Twisted collection features three chronograph watches all made with premium metal & resin materials. Expect the watches to be available in November. Prices will start around $900.
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Casio G-Shock October '14 Releases

Here’s a look at what G-Shock cooked up for this month.  The collection features a nice balance of bright colors that stand out & more neutral colors that can be worn with any outfit.  G-Shocks will never go out of style in my opinion, so it’s always good to add one to your arsenal.  Look for these to start releasing over the next couple of weeks.
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Get your Shine on with this “Crazy Gold Pack” from Casio G-Shock

Are you a fan of gold, but want something a little more durable than your traditional gold watch? Casio G-Shock is dropping this “Crazy Gold Pack” that is set to start hitting retailers this month that should fit the bill. The collection features 6 total watches, and 3 different shades of gold. That rose gold though!
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