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OMG what have they done? Burger King introduces “Mac and Cheetos” menu item

Seriously, Burger King…  What are you guys doing?  First, it was chicken fries, then it was hot dogs, now it’s “Mac and Cheetos.”  How about you try to focus on just making some bomb burgers?  I’m available for freelance consulting if you need me.

Anyways, this is actually going to be a new menu item from the fast food chain.  Mac and Cheetos are basically just mozzarella sticks with a twist.  They’ll be available sometime soon for $2.49 a 5-pack.

mac-and-cheetos-2 mac-and-cheetos-3 mac-and-cheetos-4

Burger King puts a spa inside one of their Finland locations

390514 02: The Burger King logo and sign sit atop a Burger King restaurant June 12, 2001 in Federal Heights, Colorado. The fast-food chain Burger King Corp. has announced it will replace the netting at children''s play areas at its restaurants following the death of a four-year-old boy who died after becoming entangled in the netting at a Burger King restaurant in St. Louis. (Photo by Michael Smith/Getty Images)

Yeah, this is real.  Burger King put a spa inside of a location they have in Finland.  Because what goes better with a whopper than a nice sweat?  The spa opened up in their Helsinki location and includes 15 seats in the sauna, a 48″ TV, a media lounge complete with a 55″ TV and PlayStation 4, and a shower room.

Seems crazy to me, but if I ever find myself in Finland, I’m going to have to check it out.  Take a closer look at the space:

[sigallery id=”8Cyrxz2cLnPd7kA8BBW6AD” title=”Burger King Spa in Finland” type=”sigallery”]

Burger King to Start Selling Hot Dogs, Enlists Snoop Dogg for Training Video

Just in case fast food wasn’t gross and unhealthy enough, Burger King will start offering hot dogs later this month.  They call their grilled dogs the whopper of hot dogs, because they “flame-grill” them or something.  Anyways, get Snoop Dogg as your spokesman and you’ll be alright.

If you’re feeling lucky then give these a try at your local Burger King on February 23rd.

burger-king-grilled-dogs-3 grilled-dogs-burger-king-2 grilled-dogs-burger-king

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