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This is what your favorite movies & TV shows would look like as VHS tapes


Artist Golem 13 (sweet name, right?) really loves VHS tapes. He loves them so much that he designed VHS cases for some of today’s biggest hits. He didn’t stop there though. He actually transferred the movies and tv shows onto actual tape. That’s dedication.

Check out some of Golem’s work below.

popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-10 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-9 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-8 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-7 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-6 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-5 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-4 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-3 popular-tv-shows-in-vhs-format-2

Via The Chive