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This is the Wildest Boat Racing You’ve Ever Seen

Australia just might be home to the craziest boat race you’ve ever seen.  Teams of two hop in these small boats called Dinghys and race around the Murray River in South Australia.  The race is called the Riverland Dinghy Derby, and it started back in 2012.  Who’s trying to squad up and race in this?

Here are some highlights from last year:

Gibbs Sports Makes the Dopest Amphibious Rides

Seriously, Gibbs Sports produces the dopest vehicles out there.  They specialize in amphibious rides that can move on both land and water.  Right now they are just concepts, but the company does have a vehicle that is available for purchase called the Quadski (check it out here).

You got the Biski (which can be seen in the video above) that operates as a motorcycle and a jet ski.

There’s also the Triski, which is a 3-wheeled motorcycle that also can act as a jet ski:

And then there’s the Terraquad, a 4-wheeled utility vehicle that is also a compact boat:

Luxury Boat Will Take you on a Cruise Down the Amazon River


Aqua Expeditions is a company that offers luxury cruises on boats that are designed like boutique hotels.  The cruises go through the Peruvian section of the Amazon River, one of the world’s last great unexplored regions.  Their most recently designed boat, the Aria Amazon, features 16 suites, a dining area, an overlook, and an overall 5-star experience.  Take a closer look at the amazing cruise ship below:

A-Floating-Hotel-Ship-on-the-Amazon-2 A-Floating-Hotel-Ship-on-the-Amazon-4 A-Floating-Hotel-Ship-on-the-Amazon A-Floating-Hotel-Ship-on-the-Amazon_1 New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Design-Suite-Double-Set-Up-crop New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Design-Suite-Twin-Set-Up-Low-Resolution New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Design-Suite-Low-Resolution New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Design-Suite-Bathroom-1-Low-Resolution New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Dining-Room-1-enlarged New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Indoor-Lounge-Bar-resized New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Observation-Deck-crop New-8-2015-Aria-Amazon-Outdoor-Lounge-crop

The Dopest Yacht on the sea is the Admiral Yachts X Force 145


Okay, so it’s not technically on the sea yet.  These are all renderings of a yacht designed by Admiral – “the Italian sea group.”

The Admiral X Force 145 is currently just a concept, but by looking at the pictures, it’s easy to say it may be the craziest yacht out there.  You have to inquire about the pricing, but I’d imagine you probably have to be a part of the 3-comma club to afford this bad boy.

x-force-1- x-force-11

Think it looks dope on the outside?  Just wait ’til you see the interior:


More info on Admiral’s website.


Enjoy the Open Waters in Style & Luxury with the Alen 68 Superyacht

If there’s ever a good time for some motivation it’s right now. This Alen 68 Superyacht from Foster + Partners should definitely give you some nice eye candy, as well as a little motivation to hustle a little harder to end your week. The superyacht has a large lounge, kitchen, master cabin, and 2 guest cabins. Retail price? Oh, just $3.8 million.
Continue reading Enjoy the Open Waters in Style & Luxury with the Alen 68 Superyacht

The Jet Capsule Mini Yacht

The Jet Capsule mini yacht isn’t actually all that miniature in size. It measures 20-feet long and 13-feet wide and is comes with all the comforts of a regular-sized yacht. The Jet Capsule is available in several different styles and configurations that can include a kitchen, bathroom, and two sofas that can easily be turned into double beds. You probably shouldn’t try to sail around the world in one of these but they are perfect for spending a day out on the water. Continue reading The Jet Capsule Mini Yacht