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How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Cooler

The good people at Tipsy Bartender made this “how-to” video that shows how to make your very own Halloween Pumpkin Cooler.  If you’re hosting any sort of Halloween get-together, this accessory will definitely impress some folks…  Just make sure you switch out that Bud Light for some good beer.

They also have another great Halloween video that shows how to make Eye Ball Jello Shots:

Brewery Ommegang unveils the next “Game of Thrones” themed beer

Brewery Ommegang has officially announced the latest beer in their Game of Thrones series. It’s called Valar Dohaeris and is a Belgian-Style Tripel Ale.  The beer pays homage Arya Stark’s adventures in the House of Black and White.

They’ll also be re-releasing the Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale along with the new Valar Dohaeris since it is a two-sided coin.  Look for the beers to hit retailers in October.


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German beer ad celebrates the dad bod

https-%2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fuploads%2Fcard%2Fimage%2F129819%2Fbeer_belliesThis german beer ad is celebrating the the “dad bod” with this hilarious new ad campaign.

German Brewer Bergedorfer Bier created these spots which feature a series of men cradling their bellies with the tagline “Brewed with love.”

The “Brewed with love” campaign hilariously pokes fun at classic paternity portraits and were created by ad agency Jung von Matt. Check out the rest of the advertisements below.

bergedorfer-beer-pregnant-2 bergedorfer-beer-pregnant-3

Images: Jung Von Matt

Burton’s “Beeracuda” is the perfect summer party accessory ($20)

Hoppin’ around from party to party this summer?  You need the “Beeracuda.” The sling bag perfectly holds five of your favorite beers and keeps them nice and cold.  Attached to the strap of the sling is a koozie for your 6th beer, that way there’s easy access on your journey to the next party.

There are a ton of different graphics available, prices start at $20.  You can shop them here.

burton-beeracuda-1 burton-beeracuda-2 burton-beeracuda-3 burton-beeracuda-4 burton-beeracuda-5 burton-beeracuda-7 burton-beeracuda-8 burton-beeracuda-9

Das Bier is a bar in Montreal that features light fixtures made from beer kegs

This definitely looks like the type of place that I’d want to grab a beer.  Das Bier is located in Montreal, Canada.  The space was designed and built by Humà design + architecture.  Inspiration was found in the form of a classic German bier hall.

The entrance hall was made from 7500 beer caps, and some of the lighting fixtures were made from used beer kegs.  Take a look at the bar below:

das-bier-2 das-bier-3 das-bier-4 das-bier-5 das-bier-6 das-bier-7 das-bier-8 das-bier-9 das-bier-10 das-bier-11 das-bier-12 das-bier-13


Lolo Lids perfectly hide your beer can in a coffee cup

There might not be a better way to conceal your beer can than the Lolo Lid.  The discreet setup perfectly disguises your beer and make it look like an innocent cup of coffee.  Not only does it hide your beer, but it keeps it cooler than a koozie would.  The lid will work with just about any coffee cup, whether it’s from Starbucks, 7-Eleven, or even your favorite local coffee shop.


lolo-lids-2 lolo-lids-3 lolo-lids-4

Brewery creates 6-pack holders that are edible for sea creatures

This is pretty genius.  Saltwater Brewery is a small craft brewery in Florida that created these edible six-pack rings.  As most of you may know, the plastic rings that your cans normally come in can end up in the ocean and do terrible things:

edible-six-pack-beer-rings-safe-for-marine-life-saltwater-brewery-8 edible-six-pack-beer-rings-safe-for-marine-life-saltwater-brewery-9

So, Saltwater Brewery decided to do something about it.  Their new 6-pack rings are actually edible for marine life.  No more pollution and no more endangering animals.  Hats off to these guys, this is fantastic stuff.

edible-six-pack-beer-rings-safe-for-marine-life-saltwater-brewery-2 edible-six-pack-beer-rings-safe-for-marine-life-saltwater-brewery-6

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