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Custom Triumph motorcycle is a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson

This custom motorcycle was built by Death Machines of London.  It’s called the UYC and it was resurrected from the corpse of a 2007 Triumph Thruxton 900.  It’s a truly unique ride that utilizes materials like copper, brass, and wood.  The tribute to Hunter S. Thompson also includes a quote of his engraved on the fuel tank.  It reads:

Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.

Take a closer look at the motorcycle:

UYC_largeimage_lightbox_Back UYC_largeimage_lightbox_Exhaust_01 UYC_largeimage_lightbox_LHS_Front_3quart UYC_largeimage_lightbox_LHS_side UYC_largeimage_lightbox_RHS_Back_3quart UYC_largeimage_lightbox_RHS_side_HH UYC_largeimage_lightbox_RHS_side UYC_largeimage_lightbox_Speedo_01 UYC_largeimage_lightbox_Sprocket

Lazareth’s Wazuma GT is a truly unique sports car

Lazareth is no stranger to creating unique rides.  They’ve designed multiple motorcycles hybrids that are sure to stand out from the rest (see them here).

Well, now they have an automobile that is just as amazing.  The Wazuma GT features a supercharged Jaguar V8 along with a very interesting body style.  You’ll notice it’s pretty much missing the front windshield entirely.  It also sports iconic Lamborghini doors.  Take a look at the ride below.

You can learn more here.

Wazuma-GT-1 Wazuma-GT-2 Wazuma-GT-3 Wazuma-GT-4 Wazuma-GT-5 Wazuma-GT-6 Wazuma-GT-8 Wazuma-GT-9

Mercedes-Benz designed the most luxurious golf car you’ve seen

Golf just got an upgrade.  It comes in the form of a new golf cart designed by Mercedes-Benz and Garia Luxury.  The electric golf cart features a carbon fiber roof and spoiler, top speed of 19MPH, and a refrigerator.  It also has a tablet that displays things like the cart’s battery life and current speed.

You can learn all about the cart right here.

Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-1 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-2 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-3 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-4 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-5 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-6 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia-7 Luxury-Golf-Cart-By-Mercedes-X-Garia


Why can’t this be real? Lamborghini Huracan Snowmobile

This is so dope.  How incredible would it be to slide around in the snow while driving this thing?  Pretty incredible if you ask me.  It’s just a concept rendering by Rain Prisk, but hopefully someone with a lot of money will make the real thing happen.


Nissan actually made something comparable BUT it’s just a Nissan:

[lawrence-related id=525197]

Welcome to the future of luxury… A look at the Rolls-Royce 103EX Vision Next 100 Concept

Rolls-Royce recently showed off this concept from the future.  The 103EX Vision Next 100 is a concept that’s supposed to be from the year 2100.  Since they’re assuming that in 100 years all vehicles will be autonomous, you’ll notice there aren’t any steering instruments inside.

Features include 28-inch wheels, suicide doors, a massive OLED screen, a virtual red-carpet to guide you into the vehicle, and much more.  Unfortunately, some of us might not be around to ever see this vehicle release.  So, you’ll have to just catch a glimpse below:

rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-2 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-3 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-4 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-5 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-6 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-7 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-8 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-9 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-10 rolls-royce-103ex-vision-next-100-concept-11

Icon 1000 built this bad*ss bike from a Triumph Tiger 800xc

This motorcycle was a collaboration between Icon 1000 and Triumph.  It’s called the Dromedarii and was made from the bone structure of a Triumph Tiger 800xc.  The motorcycle has a very rugged look that makes it seem like it has taken a beating but is  ready to handle much more.

Learn more here.  Take a closer look at the bike below:

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