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Steph Curry’s game-used mouthguard expected to sell for at least $5000


Yep, you can own a piece of NBA Finals history.  However, it’s in the form of a used mouthguard.  If you can get over that fact, SCP Auctions will be starting the bids on August 3rd for the piece.  Not exactly sure what the opening price will be, but it’s expected to sell for at least $5000.  Quite a price to pay for something that has had his saliva all over it.

Check the listing here.


You can buy your very own Stegosaurus skeleton

Yeah, no joke.  There will be an auction held this Saturday for the skeleton of a Stegosaurus that is around 150 million years old.  Unfortunately, you’ll need to be uber wealthy to have a chance to win it.  The starting price is set at just under $1.4 million and it’s likely to exceed that by quite a bit.

Check out the listing here.  More pics below:

[sigallery id=”jABqooCksmyC35CavTT357″ title=”Stegosaurus Skeleton Auction” type=”sigallery”]

Tupac’s 1996 Hummer H1 is currently up for auction

That’s right, you can own a piece of hip-hop history.  This 1996 Hummer H1 was purchased by Tupac Shakur about a month prior to his untimely death.  The vehicle comes with a license plate that reads “YAKNPAK” as well as two cassette tapes, one being Tupac’s “All Eyes on Me” and the other being Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”  It’s estimated to go for over $100,000.

Check the listing here.

tupac-hummer-1 tupac-hummer-2 tupac-hummer-3 tupac-hummer-4 tupac-hummer-5 tupac-hummer-7 tupac-hummer-8 tupac-hummer-9 tupac-hummer-10 tupac-hummer-11

One of John Lennon’s Guitars Sold for Over $2 Million


It sold for $2,410,000 to be exact.  John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E acoustic guitar was originally purchased for just $240 in 1962.  It was later lost and thought to be gone forever until recovered years later.  The guitar was purchased by an anonymous bidder through Juliens Auctions just a couple of days ago.  Take a closer look:

john-lennon-guitar-1 john-lennon-guitar-2 john-lennon-guitar-3

A Cracker that Survived the Titanic is Expected to Sell for $15,000


Yep, a frickin’ cracker.  This “Pilot” biscuit by Spiller & Bakers was recovered from a survival kit stored within one of the Titanic’s lifeboats.  James Fenwick was onboard a ship that went to aid the survivors of the titanic, and he preserved the little cracker in an envelope with an original note that stated “Pilot biscuit from Titanic lifeboat April 1912.”

The biscuit is soon headed to auction, on October 24th to be exact.  Estimations say it’s likely it will sell around the price of $15,000 USD.  The auction will be held by Henry Aldridge & Sons.

Oh, Leo…

2006 Lamborghini Concept S to be Auctioned Off Later This Year

The Sotheby’s auction in New York later this year boasts quite the automobile.  This 2006 Lamborghini Concept S is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that is sure to fetch a pretty penny.  The concept was initially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2005.  It is fully operable and street legal, and it only has 111 miles on mainly accumulated during initial testing and driving around show fields.

You can check out the auction listing here, and take a closer look below:

lamborghini-concept-s-auction-1 lamborghini-concept-s-auction-2 lamborghini-concept-s-auction-3 lamborghini-concept-s-auction-4 lamborghini-concept-s-auction-5 lamborghini-concept-s-auction-6 lamborghini-concept-s-auction-7

Take A Tour Of Michael Jordan’s Highland Park, IL Residence (Video)

On November 22nd, Michael Jordan’s residence in Highland Park, IL will have a new owner. Concierge Auctions are auctioning off the pad to the highest bidder on that date. Here’s a tour of the property, so you can see how amazing the place is.
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