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Dad and 3-year-old son collaborate on amazing artwork


Artist, Paul Dodd, has a 3-year-old son named Kylan who likes to create different types of art pretty much every day.  Starting when he was three (now 4), Kylan would draw all sorts of random patterns that became rather intricate.  So, Paul decided to take those patterns and digitally fill them in with color, and the result is pretty awesome.

Take a look:

[sigallery id=”RmhXyamNCWfUaegq4C3tML” title=”Modern Art by Paul and Kylan Dodd” type=”sigallery”]


Artist turns words and phrases into clever logos

Artist, Ji Lee, specializes in turning words into clever logos or calligrams.  He first began playing with words as images 20 years ago while in a typography class at art school.  He even has an interactive e-book that you can check out right here.

Take a look at some of his works:

[sigallery id=”TSUecqpRRZFxyMsz4w4vHL” title=”Clever Word Logos by Ji Lee” type=”sigallery”]


Artist Draws Famous Cities Purely From His Memory

Artist, Stefan Bleekrode, specializes in drawing cityscapes using only his memory and a pen.  NYC is his main muse, but features a number of other cities including Rome, London, Paris, and many more.  He occasionally uses photographic material for support if he gets stuck, but that’s on rare occasion.

Check out some of his amazing work:

New York


Parisian Boulevard at Night


Spacca Napoli, Naples


Bucharest, Romania


New York City at Night


Centro Storico, Italy


Shard Tower in London


Washington Square in New York


Broadway and 5th in Manhattan


Vienna, Austria

i-draw-famous-cities-from-my-memory-14__880 i-draw-famous-cities-from-my-memory-15__880

Paris at Night


Berne, Switzerland


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Artist Does Tiny Paintings on Pumpkin Seeds

Salavat Fidai is well-known for his pencil carvings that are intricate and amazing.  Well, he also does miniature paintings on tiny things including a variety of different seeds.  Here are the tiny paintings he’s done on those seeds:

[sigallery id=”CVjQjDzvkceXMLna4p6KgP” title=”Pumpkin Seed Paintings by Salavat Fidai” type=”sigallery”]

You should check out his pencil carvings art:

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Artist Makes the Most Amazing Origami Art You’ve Ever Seen


Seriously, this just might be the best origami you’ve ever laid eyes on.  Artist, Gonzalo Calvo, is quite the pro at folding paper.  It’s unfathomable to think that these artworks were made with just one or two sheets of paper.  Most of his work revolves around animals, but he’s folded up a wide variety of subjects.

Take a closer look at his work:

[sigallery id=”KBGm57jmbwtqDe4Q6AvNnQ” title=”Origami Art by Gonzalo Calvo” type=”sigallery”]

View his Flickr page right here.