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Pixel Sorting Is The Trending New Visual Effect

Jessica Andersdotter is a 24 year old artist from Sweden who was bored with regular photography and started pixel sorting to create surreal and new worlds within her art.

Pixel sorting is a visual effect created by taking the rows, columns, or other sets of pixels in an image and ordering them according to some value of those pixels… like how much red is in each pixel, their luminosity, hue, etc.

pixelsorting-sneakhype-1 pixelsorting-sneakhype-2 pixelsorting-sneakhype-3 pixelsorting-sneakhype-4 pixelsorting-sneakhype-5 pixelsorting-sneakhype-6 pixelsorting-sneakhype-7 pixelsorting-sneakhype-8 pixelsorting-sneakhype-9 pixelsorting-sneakhype-10 pixelsorting-sneakhype-11pixelsorting-sneakhype-13

Here is a Twitter bot that will pixel sort your art for you.

Check out some more pixel sorting art on /r/pixelsorting


2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

national-geographics-travel-photographs-2016-1Grand Prize Winner-Winter Horseman, Photo by Anthony Lau

National Geographic has announced the winners of the annual Travel Photographer of the Year Contest.

The 2016 grand prize winner is Anthony Lau for his photo titled “Winter Horseman” which showcases a Mongolian horseman charging his herd in the early morning.  The contest is divided into three different categories including people, nature, and cities.  The photographs were submitted by readers and then editor’s selected their favorites for the contest.

Make sure to check all of the amazing photography in the gallery below.


Street Artist Trolls City Workers Into Painting An Old Ugly Building

This street artist perfectly trolled his city into painting and old ugly building.

He started out by tagging the spot a few times…

street-artist-trolls-city-workers-30 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-29 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-28 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-27 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-26 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-25 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-24 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-23

Pretty soon he noticed a trend. The city workers just covered up each tag with red paint.

street-artist-trolls-city-workers-22 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-21 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-20 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-19 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-18 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-17 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-16

So he started to have some fun with them…

street-artist-trolls-city-workers-15 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-14 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-13 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-12 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-11 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-10 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-9 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-8 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-7 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-6 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-5 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-4

Eventually the city got tired of the street artist/comedian and they just painted the entire building.

street-artist-trolls-city-workers-3 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-2 street-artist-trolls-city-workers-1

Banksy would be proud.

Via Imgur

Someone Paid $13 Million For Jeff Koons’ “Coloring Book” Sculpture


Artist Jeff Koons sold another one of his gigantic sculptures over the weekend. This time, he auctioned off his 18-foot “Coloring Book” sculpture at a charity event in Cannes. The translucent structure ended up selling for over $13 Million. Before anyone gets upset at someone spending that much money on a piece of art, all of the proceeds from the event were donated to AIDS research.

Take a closer look at the sculpture below:


Via Stupid Dope