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Apple TV’s New Remote is so Fancy You Need a Stand for It

Okay, so you don’t actually need a stand for it.  However, It is quite a bit fancier than past Apple TV remotes, so you’ll want to take better care of it to prolong its lifespan.  This wooden Apple TV Remote Stand from Studio Neat is the perfect option.  It’s only $12, and it looks great.

Buy it here.  Take a closer look below:

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You Can Now Pre-Order the Latest Apple TV Model


The latest generation of the Apple TV was announced just a short time ago, and now it is officially available for pre-order.  It includes a brand new remote design that supports Siri, and it will now have an even larger selection of apps that you can download.  The new 4th generation Apple TV features two different models that include 32GB and 64GB versions.  Prices will be $149 for the 32 and $199 for the 64.

Order it here.

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Sideclick Easily Adds a TV Remote to your Streaming Remote

Sideclick is a new project on Kickstarter that aims to consolidate your remotes.  Instead of having 1 remote for your TV, and another remote for your streaming device, you can add a small remote to your streaming remote that can control your TV.  It’s small, easy to use, and only $25.  They will offer the Sideclick for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Head over to Kickstarter to check it out and pledge your $25.
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HBO Now Set to Release in April for $14.99 a Month

HBO Now is finally introducing their standalone streaming service.  No longer will you need a premium cable package from an expensive provider.  HBO Now will be available to stream for $14.99 a month.  The package includes access to HBO’s entire library of original programming.  HBO will have a 3-month exclusivity period with Apple to start.  So, you’ll only be able to watch on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.  Good news is that you’ll get a month free when you sign up from an Apple device.
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Motion Tennis ($8)

Need a great way to break your iPhone? Just 8 dollars and one competitive match separate you from the ever-desirable shattered iPhone screen.

All stupid intro jokes aside, this marks a neat introduction for Apple into the console gaming world. If you’ve got an Apple TV and an iPhone, you can now use your phone as basically a Wii-mote and play interactive games.

Motion Tennis is available in the App Store, and it’s brought to you by Rolomotion. Very cool, but I’d need an Otterbox and wrist strap before I try serving up some aces in my living room. Continue reading Motion Tennis ($8)