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Instagram launched a completely new look today


Instagram introduced a brand new look today.  The app itself has been updated to the black and white theme for a couple weeks now, and today they introduced a brand new application icon.  One of the biggest updates is most likely their new algorithm, which will put the photos they believe you’ll be most interested in at the top of your feed.

Learn more about the redesign below:



Speaking of Instagram, take a look at our recently featured photographer:

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Greats Brand launches new app and exclusive sneakers to go along with it

Today, Greats Brand launched a new app that uses Shopify’s SDK, and serves as a new marketplace for you to easily cop some kicks.  To coincide with the launch, they released a pair of exclusive sneakers that you can only buy via the app.  The “Nero” Prontos are incredibly clean, and you’ll have to download the app if you want to purchase them ASAP.  The shoes will hit their online shop two days from on March 24th.

Download the new app here for iOS and here for Android.  Take a closer look at the kicks:

Pronto-Nero-Detail-02 Pronto-Nero-Detail-03 Pronto-Nero-Detail-04 Pronto-Nero-Hero-02 Pronto-Nero-Product-01 Pronto-Nero-Product-02 Pronto-Nero-Product-03 Pronto-Nero-Product-04 Pronto-Nero-Product-05

This website helps you find the nearest burritos around you

There are so many days I find myself stressing out about where I’m going to find a decent burrito.  Those days are now long gone thanks to the help of My Burrito Finder.  It’s a website that will help you find all of the dank burrito spots nearest whatever city, address, or zip code you enter.  Amazing, right?


Enjoy all the different sizes and shapes that burritos come in:

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Morgan Freeman’s Voice is Now an Option in the GPS App “Waze”

Morgan Freeman and Waze have partnered up for one of the greatest things that has happened to a GPS app.  Freeman’s voice is now an option to help navigate you around while using the app, Waze.  They decided to do so in promotion for the upcoming film “London Has Fallen.”

Here’s how you change the app to his voice:

  • Make sure Google’s free Waze app is installed on your iOS or Android device.
  • Check that you have the latest version of the app installed

  On iOS:

  • Go to Settings by tapping on Waze icon in lower left-hand corner of app. A new slide out screen will appear. In the upper left-hand corner you’ll see a gear icon. Tap on it.
  • Tap on Sound>Voice Language> eng-Morgan Freeman

On Android:

  • Go to Settings in the app > Sound> Voice Language? Morgan Freeman

Instagram Adds Support for Portrait and Landscape Photos


Squaready, Whitagram and so many other apps that add a border to your portrait and landscape photos just became obsolete.  You can now post photos to Instagram that are either portrait or landscape mode and the app will automatically size the photo to fit with the press of a button.  Pretty dope stuff, right?  Head to the App Store to update to the newest software version of Insta.

The new feature also works with video:


instagram-update-1 instagram-update-2 instagram-update-3

“Mylo” is the Simplest Way for Men to Dress Well

Mylo is a newly launched application that makes dressing well as simple as possible.  It’s pretty easy, first you select your style and the items that you already own.  After that Mylo will suggest what you should wear based on the weather in your location.  If you’re in need of an item for an outfit, Mylo also has a curated selection of classics that you can purchase to help complete your outfit.

Another cool feature is the app has live personal stylists that can help you decide on what to wear to certain events.  You’ll also get exclusive discounts when purchasing through the app so that you can save a little cheddar.

You can sign up for access to download the app right here.

okmylo-app-1 okmylo-2 okmylo-app-2

Nike Finally Released their SNKRS App 📱


Nike has finally released their long-awaited SNKRS app.  The brand new application is currently only available for iOS, but should be releasing on Android soon.  With SNKRS you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest releases, be notified when shoes are about to release, and order them quickly & easily.  Take a closer look at the app below:


Download the Nike SNKRS App right here.

Get the SNEAKHYPE app for iOS (kind of…)

Holy shit… is that the SNEAKHYPE app?!

Everyone is always asking me, “Eric, when is SNEAKHYPE going to get an app?”

The answer: “Gimme your damn phone.”

I then take their phone and do this:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to Sneakhype.com
  3. Add SNEAKHYPE to the Home Screen like so:


Step 1: click that little shortcut thingy


Step 2: Add that shit to your Home Screen


Step 3: Name it SNEAKHYPE.  (Gotta be all caps or you're not doin' it right)
Step 3: Name it SNEAKHYPE. (Gotta be all caps or you’re not doin’ it right)


Boom dizzle.  You now have a quick way to access SNEAKHYPE on your phone every time you take a dump.  You’re welcome.