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DJ Khaled’s new album cover is an absolute masterpiece


DJ Khaled just killed the game with the album cover for his upcoming project. ¬†The name of the album is “Major ūüĒĎ” and should be releasing soon. ¬†They’re having a special announcement at 8PM EST on We The Best Radio.

Killin’ it. ¬†Check the cover out below:

He was also on Jimmy Kimmel last night to unveil it:

Drake released his new album cover and the Internet responded accordingly

Drake released the cover for his upcoming, Views From the 6 yesterday and of course, the internet reacted how you would expect it to. ¬†Although, all of the inserted photoshop jobs are so small and might be hard to get right way, they’re all definitely hilarious.

Take a look at the actual album cover:


Peep the edits below:

[sigallery id=”Z76y6z6Xz42NwPrFNLGegP” title=”Photoshop Battles – Views From the 6 Album Cover” type=”sigallery”]

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Hip-Hop Album Covers with Aziz Ansari’s Face Photoshopped On

Tumblr account, Emceez Ansari, has redone a bunch of album covers by photoshopping Aziz Ansari’s face in the photo to replace the actual artist’s face. ¬†Honestly, his face fits like a glove on pretty much all of these covers. ¬†Now, we just need him to redo the actual music from the albums as well, that would be hilarious.
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Artist Paints Album Covers on her Face for National Record Store Day

Artist, Natalie Sharp, is a professional face painter, make-up artist, and body painter who has celebrated National Record Store Day in a unique way the past couple of years. Using a face as her canvas, she painted different album covers on her own face. Check the different artworks out:

natalie-sharp-album-covers-1 natalie-sharp-album-covers-2

Visit Natalie’s website here.

natalie-sharp-album-covers-3 natalie-sharp-album-covers-4 natalie-sharp-album-covers-5 natalie-sharp-album-covers-7 natalie-sharp-album-covers-8 natalie-sharp-album-covers-9 natalie-sharp-album-covers-6album_cover_face_paintings_10

Check out last year’s face paintings by Natalie: