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What The World Would Look Like If You Could Fly

When people ask me what my superpower would be, I always say “I want the ability to stop time.”

Then they always say, “Why? That’s dumb.” And then I’m like, “No. You’re dumb. You know how awesome stopping time would be? I could rob a bank, get chased by a bunch of cops, lead them into a dark alley, and BOOM, stop time. Then, I would de-pants the cops that followed me there, punch them in the face, and then fly away. Oh yeah, flying is my second superpower.”

Of course, I can’t fly (or stop time). But these images represent what the world would look like to me if I did.

bird 2

bird 4

bird 5

bird 6

bird 7

bird 8

bird 10

bird 11

bird 12

bird 13

Here’s some more amazing views for the pleasure of your eyes: