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Lemar and Dauley X Adidas

Lemar and Dauley teamd up with Adidas to create this colorful pair of collaboration kicks. They come in both black in white but feature a lot of different accent colors and designs. These might be hard to match up to a jersey if your planning on wearing them on the court, I’d just rock em’ with some jeans. Most of Lemar and Dauley’s stuff is usually bright, colorful and different so this isn’t new for them. Their website is also pretty cool, check out these kicks and their site here.

Major DC Exclusive HellBoy Kicks

Major DC has been getting their hands on a whole gang of fresh gear recently. Yesterday they announced their release date for their Adidas ZX 600’s, and today they revealed they received these exclusive Adidas X Hellboy collabo’s. These Hellboy inspired Forum Mids were designed in association with Dark Horse Comics and Universal Studios. The shoes colorways are made up of a appropriate red, gold, black, and white mixture. These kicks also feature Hellboy lettering across the strap and some Hellboy stitching on the back heel of the shoe. These kicks are very detailed down to the packaging. Major should have these kicks for sale in store and online soon.

Major DC, famous for their fitted caps and clean shoes, just teamed up with Adidas’s and collaborated on the ZX600. The colorways are looking look awesome on these and the gold helps finish the shoe off. Major will also be releasing a matching hat to go along with these kicks. These shoes are set to release on 9/20/08 as part of the AZX collection, Get more info on these kicks here.