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Easily switch up your style with MVMT’s interchangeable watch straps


It’s not always easy maintaining a strong watch game.  Mostly due to the fact that investing in numerous quality timepieces can get a tad expensive.  Thanks to MVMT‘s interchangeable strap system, having an extensive collection just got a lot easier.

Let’s say for example you own their Classic Black/Tan Leather (buy it here), but you’re wanting a new look:


You could buy a whole new watch I suppose, or you could simply purchase a new set of straps that gives a completely new look.  It’s super easy:


Just like that you have a watch with a completely new look for just $30 (Shop straps here)!  Here’s the same watch after we swapped out the straps:


The best thing is that it’s very easy to use.  For an example, I was sitting at a stop light the other day, and in the time it took for the light to turn green I was rockin’ a completely different looking watch.

MVMT’s 40 Series has some of my favorite watches that they offer, including this black version (Buy it here):


One day I wasn’t feeling the black metal bands.  No problem though, just swap them thangs out.  Take off the black metal band…


And install the tan leather straps:


Once again, you have another completely new look without actually buying an entirely new watch:



Twillory introduces the world’s first 100% formaldehyde-free non-iron dress shirts

Did you know that your non-iron dress shirts are riddled with formaldehyde?  Nah?  Well, now you do.

Twillory is here to keep you safe with their new line of dress shirts that are actually the world’s first formaldehyde-free non-iron shirts.

Allow me to draw a parallel for you.  You are (accurately) represented by the strapping beast-of-a-man working on his split times.  Your current wardrobe of non-iron shirts is represented by Mr. Ventura here.  As much as we all love Ace, it’s just not healthy to be in such close proximity to fabrics containing formaldehyde.


Stop putting yourself at risk and invest in some new dress shirts made with SafeCotton.  Shop the collection here.


You can rock one to work, but they’re also great for skipping rocks at the lake:


twillory-sneakhype-select-6 twillory-sneakhype-select-7 twillory-sneakhype-select-8

They also have a great selection of ties (SHOP HERE):


Each shirt comes with these great brushed nickel collar stays as well:


Photography by Taylor Holm

Casio releases new G-Shock “Blue Series”

Casio geared up for this year’s spring and summer seasons with a new “Blue Series” that features three watch models.  Our favorite from the bunch is the GA-110CB-1A.  The watch features shock resistance, a 200M water resistance, daily alarms, stopwatch, and more.

You can buy the watch here for $120.  Take a closer look at the watch:

casio-g-shock-1 casio-g-shock-2 casio-g-shock-4 casio-g-shock-5 casio-g-shock-6 casio-g-shock-7 casio-g-shock-8

Native Shoes releases a mondo lite version of their Apollo Moc

Warm weather seems to be carving its long-term place back in our lives, and you’re going to need appropriate footwear to stay comfy.  Native Shoes just released a brand new, super-light version of their Apollo Moc called the Apollo XL (short for XtraLite).

The shoes feature laser-cut perforations for maximum breathability.  4 colorways in the new model are available for you to pick from.


native-apollo-xl-2 native-apollo-xl-10 native-apollo-xl-14 native-apollo-xl-11 native-apollo-xl-7 native-apollo-xl-8 native-apollo-xl-1 native-apollo-xl-15

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Sneakhype Winter Sale (40% Off)

Spring is a-coming, and to celebrate we’re having an End of Winter sale.  We want to give you a chance to get your hands on what’s left of our most recent collection at an extremely discounted rate.  Don’t miss out and end up empty-handed.

Use discount code “springintodeeznuts” when checking out to get 40% off your order.


Spring means baseball is near, and the Royals will have a chance to defend the crown.  Represent with this Royal Baseball Raglan (Buy it here):


Warm weather means cold beers will taste even better than before.  Better invest in some new pint glasses (Buy a pair here):


And to keep those beers cool, a coozie will do just fine (Buy it here):


There is even more available in the Sneakhype Store.  Shop everything right here.

Get a preview below:

[sigallery id=”rZU9rbubB5VymCBtMe2hMn” title=”Sneakhype End of Winter Sale” type=”sigallery”]

Visit the Sneakhype Store right here, and use “springintodeeznuts” at checkout to save 40%

A Tin of SNEAKHYPE Cookies Gets a Tour of theCHIVE World Headquarters

Sneakhype is a website.  You know this.  But did you also know we have been “Purveyors of Dope Ass Goods Since 2008”?  Indeed, besides offering quality editorial, pictorial, and videoral (hehe videoral) content online, we also offer a small selection of quality products.

In our online store, you will find many a desireable knick-knack… like this Daily Dose of Dopeness coffee mug.  One thing you will not find, however, is a custom SNEAKHYPE tin of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  The fact that it does not exist in the online store, however, does not mean that such a tin of cookies does not exist (I just used a triple-negative — try to keep up).  For, in fact, it does exist.  We simply reserve these tins for our closest friends and family.

Alas, as we brought in the New Year with champagne and cheer, we at SNEAKHYPE wanted to wish continued success to a site that we hold dear.  You’ve know this site; chances are, you know it well:

“But, Eric, isn’t theChive like… a competitor?  Why would you send them a tin of dank ass cookies?”

Aren’t LeBron and Kobe competitors?


We have common goals, you guys.  We share the same dream.  The difference is that theChive has realized the dream and we’re still chasing it.

But I digress.  Long story short, we sent the homies at theCHIVE World HQ some cookies, and our cookies got the tour of their offices that many will never be privileged enough to receive personally.

Here’s an inside look:

sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices1 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices2 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices3 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices4 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices5 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices6 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices7 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices8 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices9 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices10 sneakhype-cookies-tour-thechive-offices11