adidas is suing Skechers for straight up jackin’ their designs

You guys remember Skechers, right?  Well, in case you didn’t know…  They really do not a give a f*ck.

This is the second time Skechers is being sued by adidas for pretty much just making identicals look-a-likes rather than design their own shoes.  The first time Skechers got sued was for these Stan Smith knock-offs (seen on the bottom):


C’mon guys.  Like, at least try to be original.  The judge ordered Skechers to stop all sales of their rip-off model called the Onix.

Anyways, adidas ain’t playing and they’re onto another lawsuit against Skechers.  What’d they do this time?  Oh, just straight up stole some adidas technology and essentially tried to pass it off as their own…  They didn’t even try to switch up the name!  Just look at how pathetic (Skechers versions on the left):

adidas-skechers-2 adidas-skechers-3

Just terrible.  Skechers has also been sued by Nike for ripping off their technology.  Last January, Nike filed a lawsuit alleging that Skechers is infringing on 8 different patents of the Flyknit technology they created.  The shoe in question is this ugly thing:


Do they even care?  Are they doing it for the publicity?  It’s almost like they want to be sued.

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