Girl Loses License, Drives Pink Barbie Jeep Around Campus Instead


Tara Monroe attends Texas State University and, like many college students, she was arrested for DWI after leaving a Waka Flocka Flame concert. We can only assume that she was going hard in the paint.

Tara ultimately had her license suspended and her dad took her car back to her hometown. Instead of riding the bus or her bike, she found another way to get around campus Рa pink Barbie Jeep. She quickly became a sort of celebrity on campus and her fame has now spread to the internet.

Take a look at some of the pictures her fellow students took of her as she drove around campus.

a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-1 a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-8 a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-9 a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-10

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a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-3 a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-4 a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-2 a-college-student-rides-around-campus-in-a-barbie-jeep-after-her-license-is-suspended-6-photos-7

Way to make the best of a situation, Tara.

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