What 122.1 Trillion Dollars Looks Like

What 122.1 Trillion Dollars Looks Like


What 122.1 Trillion Dollars Looks Like


The United States government is 122.1 trillion dollars in debt. Here’s a visualization (in 100 dollar bills) to give you an idea of exactly how much skrilla that is. Shit’s insane.

Here’s a single hundo. You’re familiar.

This is a hundred hunnids. Ten grand could easily fit in your pocket. If you’ve ever been to the strip club, you’ve seen a stack of 100 1-dollar bills. Now imagine if they were just crispy lay-flat hundos. There’s 10K for ya.

This is 100 stacks of 10 grand… 1 million dollars. Could fit in most duffle bags.

100 million dollars. I hope to have a chair like this someday.

This is a billion dollars. Holy shit that’s a lot of cash. Fun fact: 1 billion dollars in 100 dollar bills weighs 20,000 pounds. I think I’ll take a wire transfer instead.

This is probably why no one in the world has a trillion dollars. It’s pretty much more money than you could possibly imagine.

Here’s another angle of 1 trillion. Dumb.

$16.394 trillion dollars. That’s the US national debt ceiling. I don’t know what that means exactly… but it looks like a pretty frikkin high ceiling if y’ask me.

And here is how much money the United States government has spent that it DOESN’T have. 122.1 trillion dollars. Notice the relativity to the Statue of Liberty. Here’s what we SHOULD HAVE done with all that money. Build these towers of cash. They’re taller than the United States’ tallest building — and there’s like 50 of em. We literally could have built a tower into space with giant palettes of hundos.

source: rsvlts.com


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