Versace Is Releasing a Line of Emoji Tees and App for Valentine’s Day


Why any self-respecting designer brand would release a line of emoji t-shirts is beyond me. But Versace is doing it and the shirts won’t be cheap.

They feature the emoji’s you know and love, except they have been Versace-fied. The tees will be available in black and white and will cost you $800 f*cking dollars. If you really love your significant other, you will spend a chunk of your life savings on that emoji medusa shirt they’ve been dreaming of.

Along with the line of t-shirts, Versace will be releasing an emoji app as well. The app will be available for both iOS and Android. You can download that here.

[sigallery id=”hNKuJprnnBsEZmvFxUptbe” title=”Versace Emoji’s” type=”sigallery”]

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