The Fugoo Is the Toughest Bluetooth Speaker Money Can Buy

There is no shortage of portable bluetooth speakers on the market. But none of them are as tough as the Fugoo

The Fugoo was designed to handle anything you can throw at it. It’s waterproof in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. No need for caps or covers over the USB or audio ports. It’s all sealed up. It’s also sand and snow proof. Fugoo has even been drop tested from six feet and lived to tell the tale. On top of all that, the Fugoo boasts a battery life of up to 40 hours. 
Another thing that sets the Fugoo apart from the competition is its unique design. The Fugoo consists of a core unit that is housed in your choice of 3 different interchangeable cover options that increase in durability (what Fugoo brands as jackets). You can purchase extra jackets and swap them out when you want the speaker to look nicer or need added protection. 
Head over to the Fugoo website to purchase your own speaker.
fugoo-bluetooth-speaker-3 fugoo-bluetooth-speaker-1

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