How One Dude Hacked Tinder To Get Over 2000 Matches

Blake Jamieson is a 29 year old that — like many others — uses Tinder to meet people.  He quickly found that Tinder is a lot more fun when he had hundreds of chicks blowin’ up his inbox.  So how’d he do it?  

Jamieson cleverly layered an image over his profile pic to make it look like Tinder had actually selected him as a match for all them thirsty females.

Here’s what he used:

He also referred to himself in the third person in photo captions (example: “He’s taller than you.”)

Jamieson further refined his approach coming up with a second version of his Tinder-approved profile pic.  Check it:

Reportedly, dude got like 2000 matches with chicks inside a 100-mile radius.  They were eatin’ it up.

Now, I can’t do EVERYTHING for you, but if you know your way around a computer, I did create a lil 640 px strip to layer over your profile pic if you want to give it a shot yourself.

You’re welcome.  If you use this image, please comment and let us know how it goes.

source: adweek


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