PUMA Introduces the Clyde Court Title Run Around NBA Playoffs

PUMA only reintroduced its basketball line this year but it already has a few sponsored athletes competing for a title in the NBA Playoffs. There latest shoe pays homage to that journey.

The PUMA Clyde Court Title Run represents the ultimate chase for gold as the NBA’s elite battle it out for the rights to claim the coveted championship. The shoe was created with a performance knit upper that not only features a stunning gold color, but also metallic gold threads weaved into it. It embodies the visual aesthetic of luxury streetwear products yet lends itself to a performance-ready NBA shoe.

The Title Run also has custom cushion technology that is strategically placed for the highest-level energy return and boasts maximum grip for sharp cuts and sudden stops. With a dynamic lacing and fit system, the shoe ensures a full and secure lockdown that ensures you never lose power. As the metallic gold color flashes on the court, the message to your opponents is clear – you’re here to win a title.

Clyde Court Title Run will be available in stores and on PUMA.com on May 15th for $120.

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