LeBron James Just Purchased a Luxurious Home in Los Angeles (15 Pics)

We originally posted this in December of 2017, but with LeBron singing with the Lakers, we felt it was worth revisiting. 

Being LeBron James has its perks. Like being able to afford a house in all of the coolest cities in America. The NBA superstar just recently purchased a new house in Los Angeles, which will definitely fuel the rumors of him joining the Lakers next year.

As expected, the house is really, really nice. But I have to give it LeBron – for being a billionaire, his home is pretty modest as far as LA mansions go. Take a closer look in the gallery below.

[usatsi-gallery title=”Take a Tour of LeBron’s New Los Angeles Home” id=”gb6qrQZ7DGziXGLee6nUC7″ modal-direction=”right” modal=”true”]

[lawrence-related id=604479]

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