LeBron James’ First Nike Commercial Reminds Us That He Always Gets the Last Laugh

After Nike dropped the latest installment in a long line of commercials starring their most popular athlete, I decided to take a look back at the very first LeBron James promo.

Pressure was released when LeBron was just a relatively scrawny rookie and it plays on the fact that the pressure placed on LeBron was enormous from the start. The best part about this commercial is that it still seems relevant considering all of the hate LeBron receives for allegedly not showing up in big games. He’s come a long way since this was shot.

And here are just a bunch more Nike commercials starring LeBron cause they’re dope:

[lawrence-related id=587876]

If you liked that, you’ll love this giant sneaker Box:

[usatsi-gallery title=”Custom Built Gigantic Nike Shoe Box for Sneaker Storage” id=”s3jmtPXsw8CvospMuEe5SP” modal-direction=”right” modal=”true”]

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