The Best NFL Gifs From This Weekend (Week 11)

Another week of NFL Football is almost in the books. If your Fantasy Football team is anything like mine, you’re probably happy the season is starting to wind down.

Check out the best GIFs from this weekend below:

There’s nothing more American than an eagle wearing a GoPro


Delanie Walker can think lady luck for this catch


Tony Romo completed his first pass after returning from an injury with his left hand


Cam Newton hit the dab after running up the scoreboard on the Washington Redskins


Brock Osweiler is on a mission to steal Peyton Manning’s job


The Texans busted out a double pass to score this TD


This is why linemen don’t get passed the ball


DeAndre Hopkins is really really tough to guard


And Thomas Rawls is really good at running


Did you guys know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard?


Joe Flacco tore his ACL shortly after throwing this interception


Zach Ertz got shaken up on this scary play


SEE ALSO: 346-Pound Lineman Dontari Poe Became the Heaviest Man in NFL History to Rush For a TD

[lawrence-related id=517356]

Via Uproxx

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