NFL Logos Recreated With “Family Guy” Characters

Football season is in full swing, which means graphic designers everywhere will be recreating NFL logos for our viewing pleasure.

We’ve already seen NFL logos imagined as NBA logos, Soccer logos and even corporate logos. Now someone has recreated NFL logos with Family Guy characters and they actually turned out pretty good.

Check out all of them below:

family-guy-nfl-logos1 family-guy-nfl-logos2 family-guy-nfl-logos3 family-guy-nfl-logos4 family-guy-nfl-logos5 family-guy-nfl-logos6 family-guy-nfl-logos7 family-guy-nfl-logos8 family-guy-nfl-logos9 family-guy-nfl-logos10 family-guy-nfl-logos11 family-guy-nfl-logos12 family-guy-nfl-logos13 family-guy-nfl-logos14

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family-guy-nfl-logos15 family-guy-nfl-logos16 family-guy-nfl-logos17 family-guy-nfl-logos18

Via @ak47_studios

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