Watch 2 Chainz Drink a $600 Cup of Coffee Made From Cat Sh*t

Since 2 Chainz started hosting GQ’s Most Expenzsivest Sh*t series, we’ve seen him sample drink diamond-infused vodka, take hits out of $500k bongs and eat a $300 burger. But this may be his craziest episode yet.

2 Chainz headed to Blossom Coffee to test out a cup of coffee called Kopi Luwak. What makes this coffee special is that it is made from the droppings of a civet – a nocturnal mammal that is found in tropical forests in Asia and Africa. These animals eat small red fruits called coffee cherries and eventually sh*t out the partially digested coffee pits. These droppings are then turned into coffee grounds, which Blossom Coffee sells for $600 per pound.

More Expensivest Sh*t below:

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