These Are the 10 Most-Mentioned Fashion Brands in Hip-hop (1995-2015)


It’s no secret that rappers love their designer brands. But which brands do they love the most?

Macy’s (yes, the family-friendly department store) decided to create this infographic showing which brands were referenced the most in hip hop music. According to their results, Gucci is by the far the most named dropped amongst rappers.┬áNike, Prada and Versace also landed near the top of the list as well.

Surprisingly enough, Soulja Boy beat out Gucci Mane as the rapper who mentions Gucci the most. Check out the infographics below to get a better idea of what fashion brands rappers like to rap about.

hip-hop-fashion-references3 hip-hop-fashion-references2 hip-hop-fashion-references1

I wouldn’t be surprised if┬áMigos took Soulja Boy’s spot before 2015 is over:

Via Macy’s

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