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Obama’s Boys Club

At first glance this may look like a fresh new Billionaire Boys Club shirt hot of one of Pharrelle’s Presses. But a closer look will probably just make you laugh, that is if your familiar with BBC. Obama is getting more support than ever, even from the hip kids at district 81 who made him an “Obama Boys Club” that looks very similar to the BBC spaceman shirt. If he wore this shirt out in public it would be game over for McCain. He would have every sneakhype reader, maybe even every sneakerhead in America supporting him. Support the next president and buy this shirt here.

Goliath always wins

Goliath NY is an exlcsuive sneaker and clothing store located in New York City. Not only do they sell some of the freshest products out there, they have began producing their own T-shirts and fitted caps. The outcome was great, the shirts and hats are both dope, i really like the logo on the orange shirt seen above, its real origianl. They have even collaborated with Nike on some shirts . Goliath knows good fashion whether they are selling or designing the clothes. If your ever in NY the store is a must see. Their shirts are are available for purchase here.

Abstraxxx – Killin King Tutankhamun

LA based Abstraxxx is hailin to the old school with their “I Am” tee. The original OG himself, King Tut, 8 year old boy-king… you don’t get much more “young n rich” than that. Interesting note: King Tut was hardly the most famous or well known king in his day, yet he is so famous today because his tomb was completely intact and not discovered until the middle of the 20th century. When it was found, dudes raided that shit… bad karma.