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All Hail King James

Show your support for the man the myth and the legend by sporting his lightweight satin jacket. …Just in time for the Olympics. LeBron is the kind of guy that makes me proud to be an American. Note to sneakhypers everywhere: if you’re from overseas, maybe up in Canada, down in El Salvador… we love you, and so does LeBron, and so will everyone else if you get this jacket. It’s 100 bucks and you can get it at Eastbay.

The Hundreds – Stay in Gold

The Hundreds is consistently coming out with all kinds of fresh gear. They have everything from shirts, jackets, hats, and even denim, all of which is fly. The Hundreds “Stay Gold” is a slimmer fitting jean with gold stitching on the back that catches the eye, but is not too flashy. The gold thread looks great on the dark cplor of the jeans. Check out the rest of their collection or buy this pair of jeans here at their online store.

Might Healthy, Mighty Clean

Mighty Healthy is a fresh brand on the scene. They have a lot of fresh shirts and they’re fitted caps are also worth checking out. The featured shirt by Mighty Healthy is called “the Breathe Right” shirt. The front of the shirt features candles with a Latin phrase above them that translates to “Listen to the city breathe.” The shirt also has “Breathe In”, and “Breathe Out” Printed on the right and left sleeves respectively. You can check out more of Mighty Healthy’s collection here, or buy it here at