Featured Brand: PLAANT

Today’s featured brand is PLAANT. Although PLAANT is currently based out of Colorado, it was founded in Olathe, KS, not too far from the SNEAKHYPE headquarters. Keep reading to find out how to get 25% off your purchase from PLAANT.

PLAANT has dedicated itself to creating a dope clothing line while making the world a better place at the same time. The creators of PLAANT, which stands for “People looking at a newer today,” describe the clothing line as a way to promote positivity, change, & sharing the experience of waking up daily and bettering your life and those around you. They recently dropped a new collection which features a wide variety of dope graphic tees. The new line is definitely some of their best work yet. The designs feature eco friendly soft feel inks, ringspun cotton, and all of these shirts are shipped to you in a plantable box. This new collection also features a collaboration with French artist Mikko-Umi.

PLAANT’s new collection is available now online at PLAANT’s webstore and Karmaloop Kazbah. USE CODE “SNEAKHYPE25” at checkout for 25% off a purchase on www.PLAANT.net

Twitter: @aNewerToday


In case you missed it before: USE CODE “SNEAKHYPE25” at checkout for 25% off a purchase on www.PLAANT.net

Turn a new leaf with PLAANT and look at a newer today.

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