The Best Date Spots in Tallinn, Estonia

Western men fancy Slavic women. They linger to online dating services that offer them girls from Slavic countries. They linger to online dating services that offer them girls from Slavic countries. But the main problem is that western men generally think about Slavic women as of Russian girls. It makes no surprise, as the vast majority of online dating services mainly promote women from Russia. But that’s just not fair, as there are other Slavic nationalities that differ from one another, having in common only one thing – gorgeous women.

It’s also unfair, as thanks to online dating, western men travel to other countries and discover their culture and traditions. There are beautiful Slavic countries, such as Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and the Baltic States. The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, is one of the most beautiful European cities, that first appeared on the map in 1154 and gained city rights in 1248. Full of beautiful spots, Tallinn offers a lot of romantic places to have a date. Talks about those romantic spots in Tallinn can go on forever, that’s why we’ve decided to give you a few, to begin with. So, let’s check out the best places for a romantic date in Tallinn, without further ado.

Kadriorg Park

Like relaxed strolling? Enjoy feeding pigeons? Like life pondering? Well, then Kadriorg Park is the place in Tallinn that you should visit immediately. Kadriorg park is the vast area surrounding the Kadriorg Palace. It was originally set up 1718, and despite being part of the palace estate, it has always been open to people. When you are at Kadriorg Park, you should start from the rectangular Swan Pond. It’s a perfect place where you can sit at the gazebo and indulge yourself with some sweet, romantic chat while observing the fountain and the birds. There are several cafes near Swan Ponds, where you can have a romantic dinner. Kadriorg Park has a beautiful garden, designed by the famous Japanese landscape designer Masao Sone. The garden is full of irises and cherry trees. The Mikkeli Museum, which has a great collection of imported artworks, is another spot that you should visit in Kadriorg Park.

Master’s Courtyard

Whenever you are traveling somewhere, especially if it’s a romantic journey, you dream of finding some special and quiet place not overcrowded with tourists, where you can have a romantic lunch. And, definitely, you’d like to buy some souvenirs. Well, there’s a place like that in Tallinn – Master’s Courtyard. Here, you can shop for handicrafts and even jewelry. If you like confections, there is a popular Chocolaterie Cafe. And, actually, you can rent an apartment there. The most beautiful thing about this place is that it’s not overcrowded by tourists. Here you can have a drink with your loved one without being distracted by noisy tourists.

St. Catherine’s Passage

St. Catherine’s Passage is one of the most picturesque places in Tallinn. This partly-hidden passage is located behind what previously was St. Catherine’s Church. What makes the passage interesting is that it’s a collection of craft-workshops. Artists use traditional methods to produce hats, ceramics, jewelry, hand-painted silk, etc. The workshops are located in small 15th-century rooms. There, you can not only buy goods from them but observe the whole process of making those goods. The combination of creativity and the medieval atmosphere will leave you stunned. “

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