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Evolved-footwear – remember thos light up shoes you used to have…

Every sneakerhead loves having a fresh pair of kicks that no one else has, or can find, its what the sneaker game is all about. But Evovled -Footwear is taking exclusive sneakers too the next level. This company combined their love of art and their interest in sneakers and began customizing Nike (and adidas) shoes. They design and hand the shoes, and even adding glow in the dark features. They have been around since 2001 and are starting to gain some weight. All of their shoes are pretty crazy, especially the ones with ligh-up feaures like the ones seen below. The shoes can be pricey but they are defintely with it. You will never have to worry someone at a party havin the same shoes you have. These are truly on-of-a-kind. Expect to see a lot more of Evolved-Footwear on the And check out the rest of their stuff here.

Gold rush

Shmack’s new line of shoes called the “Crowbar” are a great edition to any sneakerheads collections. They come in tons of different, vibrant color combinations. These are sure to turn heads out in public and they aren’t too expensive.