The Shoe Surgeon Debuts Re-Engineered Black-Toe Air Jordan 1’s

DISCOMMON creator Neil Ferrier, the Shoe Surgeon, and the Boa design team set out to deconstruct and rebuild the original black-toe Air Jordan 1. After months of back-and-forth, research, development and testing, the final product of this untouchable collaboration is finally being made public.

The Shoe Surgeon paired white and black tech canvas with red top-grain leather. This gives a slight intentional depth change in the texture, as the weave on the black canvas is much tighter than on the white.

What really makes these custom kicks unique is the dial-lacing system. Each turn of the dial improves agility, precise adjustment and evenly distributed


These re-engineered black-toe Air Jordan 1’s will be available for purchase online at this Tuesday, January 15 at 9AM PST for $4,500.

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