Jordan Retro IV Baseball Cleats

Jordan Retro IV Baseball Cleats


Jordan Retro IV Baseball Cleats


Look fresh on the baseball field with these cleats from Jordan Brand.  These utilize the upper from the popular Retro IV model, and they’ll definitely catch everyone’s eyes during the game.  If you know someone who is good at working on shoes, you could even have them perform a sole swap on them, and put a regular outsole on the shoes.

They’re only $95.  Available now at Burn Rubber.

Jordan-4-Red-Baseball_1_1024x1024 Jordan-4-Red-Baseball_3_1024x1024 Jordan-4-Black-Baseball_1_1024x1024 Jordan-4-Black-Baseball_2_1024x1024 Jordan-4-Black-Baseball_3_1024x1024 Jordan-4-White-Baseball_1_1024x1024 Jordan-4-White-Baseball_2_1024x1024 Jordan-4-White-Baseball_3_1024x1024

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