How to Make Perfectly Fluffy Pancakes

Creating the perfect pancake is both a science and an art form. Mix the ingredients too long and the batter starts to run on the griddle. Flip the flapjack too late and the cake can lose its golden-brown finish. Overload the stack with toppings and the hotcakes becomes a soggy mess of molten maple sugar. Yes, the road to mastering one of the world’s most beloved comfort foods is paved with the careful measuring of ingredients and more than a touch of baker’s intuition.

At Clinton Street Baking Co., one of NYC’s most popular brunch destinations, chef-owner Neil Kleinberg has pushed the pancake to pillowy new heights. Stuffed with pumpkin, banana, and chocolate chips, and smothered in a rich, house-made maple butter, the fluffy stacks at Clinton Street Baking Co. are the platonic ideal of what a pancake should be.

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