Brooklyn Hot Dogs are F’n Delicious

Remember hot dogs?  You know, your favorite food from age 6 to 13?  But then, somewhere between puberty and faking being an adult, you heard so many jeers from high-horse ridin’, health conscious d-bags, that you decided to put down the wieners for good.

Too many times, you were badgered by the rhetorical (yet impossible to answer) question: “omg, do you like even know what’s in that?”


Celebrate today my friends, because today is the day you can put that succulent wiener back in your mouth and answer the stupid-ass “ingredient” question with confidence.  Enter The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company.

Using fresh ingredients and leaving out fillers and nitrates, The Brooklyn Hot Dog Co.’s healthier option combines higher standards and great taste.


I just ordered/received The Family 5-Pack and ate 3 pepperoni dogs the day I received ’em.  The one thing you’ll notice about these dogs over others is an unmistakable “snap” when you bite into them.  It’s really satisfying.  This snap is reportedly due to the natural casing that wraps these high quality meat tubes.


5 bomb flavors to choose from…

Buffalo Pepperoni Gyro


Once you receive your delicious meats in the mail, learn how to properly cook and prepare ’em:

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